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"The Instructional Coaching I am receiving does not fit my needs. Where can I get support?"

Supporting your students does not have to be a daunting task. I am here to tell you, that you can still obtain work-life balance and improve student outcomes. 


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Your Professional Development Is Personal!

As a special education teacher K-12 certified to teach students diagnosed with specific learning to multiple disabilities, I admit trying to balance it all can be overwhelming and challenging at times. We are also not given enough time in the day to teach and manage the day-to-day procedures, which consist of data analysis, paperwork, lesson planning, and attending grade-level meetings. 


Coaching Around You is here to announce that you can get everything done, so you can live a balanced work-life and spend time with your family. The Coaching Around You Team is here to help. 


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Support For Every Stage of Your Teaching Journey

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The empathy Nicolette has for her students and how she validates their feelings is an example for all.

Tracy Miltz

Valarie McCall

Thank you for your wisdom! Relationships make such a huge difference – can’t wait to get back in the classroom!

Thank you for your wisdom! Relationships make such a huge difference – can’t wait to get back in the classroom!

Valarie McCall

Nicolette tailored her IEP sessions with great support that I am able to finally focus on my career.  I highly recommend her IEP training. She helped me update my skills to work in special ed and get my foot in the door.”

Ola Ayyad

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